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stright to emergency


Location:new york
Single/Taken(photo if possible):single


5+ Bands: brand new, bright eyes, taking back sunday, smashing pumpkins, chiodos, straylight run, sublime, the spill canvas, copeland, cake, elliot smith, fall out boy, fairweather, finch, mewithoutYou, my chemical romance, the postal service, pretty girls make graves, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, saves the day, senses fail, the shins, something corporate, underoath
5+ Songs:brown eyed girl(van morision), cute with out the e(taking back sunday), get busy living or get busy dying(fall out boy), if they move.. kill them (fairweather), i will play my game beneath the spin light (brand new)
5+ Movies:now and then, the upside of anger, save the last dance, i heart huckabees, willy wonka, harry potter (1, 2, &3)
5+ Tv Shows: friends, that 70s show, gilmore girls, house, 24
5+ Shops: delias, pacsun, holister, urban outfitters, american eagle
5+ Books:harry potter 1-6, a tree grows in brooklyn, light on snow, the busy life of bees
5+ Foods: french fries, salad, goldfish, popcorn, ramen noodles
5+ Drinks: shirley temple, strawberry banana smoothie, coke, root beer float, fanta
Item Of Clothing:my 'br& new' shirt
Colours:green, purple, pink, yellow
Quote:"sex sells"


Abortion:i'm deffinatly against it. unless a woman was raped. i think that's the only exception. i think it's horrible that if someone kills a pregnant lady it's 2 murder, but a lady can kill her own child.
Gay Marriage: i'm okay with it. i personaly am straight. i do however have gay/bi friends. i think they should have the same rights straight people have; they didn't ask to be gay, it's just how they are. i don't however like people who advertise their gay-ness.
Death Penalty:if i did something so horrible that death penalty would be considered, i'd personaly rather be killed than put in jail for life. i think it shouldn't happen because it's more of a favore. they don't have to live with what they did. they should.
Animal Cruelty:i think it's discusting. why the hell would you do something like that? i don't understand it at all.
Vegitarians: i used to be one, from 4th grade to 8th. i think it's wrong to kill animals for good food. my cousin who was also one, got terribly sick. so i eat some meat now. not a lot, though. only like, one meal of it a week.
Drugs:ah. i hate them. a lot. it hurts really bad to see people i love get sucked in by them, which i've seen a lot of. i mean, a little pot every once and a while is chill, just to get away and whatever. if you do pot everyday, or other drugs, i think it's really scummy.


Hobbies/Interests:friends. dance. i spend most all of my time with my friends. i do dance, however. hip hop and ballet.
Pet Peaves:umm.. i dont know?
Worste Habbit: i bite my nails. i should really stop.
Best Quality:physiclly? i like my eyes. other? i get happy really easily
One Thing You Would Change About Yourself: how much i care about things. it just tears me up.
Three Words To Describe Your Personality:fun, unpredictable, joking


Promote In 3 Places (Provide Links):
Make Us Laugh:Image hosted by
make a promotion banner(if you can) show us:gahh my computer's broken so i'm using my dad's labtop and he doesn't have anything i can make one with. my computer will be fixed by next week, though
Compliment Each Of The Mods:
nicola... i call my friend that, nicola. her name's really nicole. but i like screaming 'nicole' in crazy voice tones. umm. anyways. i think you're really cute. i like your nose a lot, haha that sounds really wierd, but i do. i can only judge you from your picture, but you look like the kind of girl that would light up a room when she smiles :).
erin... again, i can only judge from the picture.. but i think you're gorgeous! i like your lips, best. and you're eyes are cute too... props on the make up. &&your icon, i like it. i went to find more pictures of you, so i could say more... and i clicked on the link to your myspace, and i absolutely adore the picture where it says 'and its for real this time♥' under it
4+ Pictures of Yourself(Make Them Clear Please):
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2+ Pictures Of Your Friends(If Possible):
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Provide a 200x200 Picture For Members Page(If Not One of Our Mods Will Resize It):
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thats the best i can do right now, with this computer, sorrry
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